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Do you have a day job? And name two things you really like about it.*

I work for a pool. Its super chill but sometimes boring.

What is a comfort food that you really like, that you wish was healthier? What do you like about it? What does it remind you of?*

I wish burgers were healthier, bcuz I be eating those all the time.

When your family gets together, what do you do?And what do you wish you did?*

We play 2k and Madden, and have a fun time arguing.

What’s a song or artist you used to “hate,” but you’re into recently? Why do you like it? What stopped you from liking it before?*

I used to hate Juice Wrld, but I am really start to marinate with all his projects and message.

What do you feel is going to get better in the next ten years?*

Definitely my music and my hair

What have you failed at personally–not professionally–that you’re still working on?*

I liked twitch streaming but it never took off.

What’s the biggest professional mistake you’ve ever made and what did you learn from it?*

I lost my ID and had to go through a lot. Be more responsible.

What’s your favorite song of all time and why? (Tough question. Do your best.)*

Probably Baker’s Man by Migos

What’s your most favorite place you’ve ever been and why? Doesn’t have to be travel related.*

The basketball court

What time did you feel most connected with the world and human beings?*

During Christmas time

If you had one reunion with all the friends and family you wanted, what activity would you all do?*

Ball up

What is your name and your band/project’s name? Where can we find you on the internet?*

xonathan, on soundcloud and youtube 🙂