We are looking for a booking agent

We are looking for a booking agent

Trailside Phantoms <hidden> Mon, May 14, 12:14 PM

Hello -

I would like to someone about your services.

Please call me at [HIDDEN].


Booking <booking@bandturo.com>
Mon, May 14, 6:15 PM
to Trailside


Thanks for taking the time to reach out. We can schedule a call. Which service(s) were you looking at?


Martin Gawlak
Booking & Routing
Gainesville Music Association | Bandturo | DIYTMusic.com
Gainesville Sun Profile - http://www.gainesville.com/news/20160925/music-association-leader-helps-bands-understand-business

Wed, May 16, 11:38 AM
to Trailside, BOOKING

Trailside Phantoms <hidden> Wed, May 16, 12:12 PM
to booking


We are looking into artist development/managment and tour booking.

We are going into the studio to start recording our first full-length at the end of June (we already have put out a couple of EP's) and want to be able to release/tour/promote the record in the new year (most likely February or March of 2019).

What does your calendar look like over the next couple of days.


Trailside Phantoms <hidden> Wed, May 16, 12:26 PM
to booking

I will give you a call around 4 today if that works for you?


On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:20 PM, <booking@bandturo.com> wrote:

Pretty open if it's just a call. After 3pm is usually best.
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Booking <booking@bandturo.com>
Wed, May 16, 3:47 PM
to Trailside

What is the best number to reach you at?

Trailside Phantoms <hidden> May 16, 2018, 4:19 PM
to booking

M -

I think we were calling each other at the same time.

Give me a call back.




We're reaching out to everyone that has reached out to us over our first two years and rewarding your due diligence and curiosity with some opportunity for exposure. If you're interested in being a guest on our podcast please reply indicating that  you're interested and we will send you a link to schedule a date and time that is best for you. You can do it over Skype, phone, or Facebook messenger.
Also, we're compiling all of our conversations into blog posts--no matter how brief or in-depth--to help other artists interested in similar things find a place for guidance. By default, we are blocking out any information in these conversations that reveal your identity. BUT if you want us to leave it in the blog post as a way for more people to check out your music and where you are now, just let us know to leave your contact info, names, and links in the blog posts as-is. If for any reason you don't want to share our conversation just let us know that as well. We will not be posting any of our conversations without explicit permission from you.
One more thing
If you did not receive a response from us from your last email, please let us know now so we can get back to you and help with where you are at now. We've recently changed our email hosting to a better service since we've had a lot of problems (most of which we didn't discover until customers helped bring it to our attention) with our previous hosting providers. We're very happy with our current service so far since switching a few months ago. But if we ghosted you, we did not mean to, and make it a big deal to respond to every single email as quickly as we can devote the proper amount of attention. Let us know if we missed you, and we will make it right.
1. Let us know if you want to be a guest on our podcast. Doesn't matter if you've changed bands/projects/career.
2. Let us know if we inadvertently ghosted you so we can make it right.
3. Let us know if you want us to block your info on our blog, leave it up with links to your music, or not share it at all.
Thanks again for being curious, working on your craft, and taking the time to have a conversation.

Trailside Phantoms

Mon, Aug 6, 9:23 AM

to Booking
Yes, I'm still interested.

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