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Do you have a day job? And name two things you really like about it.

ya, i teach music, i love it because i don’t actually have to do anything besides music and it ca definitely help stay focused and motivated

What is a comfort food that you really like, that you wish was healthier? What do you like about it? What does it remind you of?

nutella. it reminds me of levittown and cheap motels.

When your family gets together, what do you do?And what do you wish you did?

i wish we got together.

What’s a song or artist you used to “hate,” but you’re into recently? Why do you like it? What stopped you from liking it before?

What do you feel is going to get better in the next ten years?

balding and alcoholism.

What have you failed at personally–not professionally–that you’re still working on?

oh jeez, this took a turn for the worst.

What’s the biggest professional mistake you’ve ever made and what did you learn from it?

letting my bassist and drummer talk during shows, and talk in general.

What’s your favorite song of all time and why? (Tough question. Do your best.)

What’s your most favorite place you’ve ever been and why? Doesn’t have to be travel related.

salvo nc

What time did you feel most connected with the world and human beings?

on mushrooms

If you had one reunion with all the friends and family you wanted, what activity would you all do?


What is your name and your band/project’s name? Where can we find you on the internet?

Telyscopes, and everywhere, all social media.