DIYT staff member: Founder Martin Gawlak.


Martin Gawlak

Martin has toured the country multiple times performing what is perhaps one of the toughest musical genres to get booked on the independent circuit: hiphop. He began building this community and resources because he believes if he can get paid to play shows across the country then anyone can.

Besides having managed talent, booked multiple tours for multiple acts, and promoted a stomach full of shows over the last decade he also has a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from the number one college in the nation and several years helping multiple small businesses in his communities.

Martin also gets great pleasure from volunteering at organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and mentoring with Reading Pals of United Way.

DIYT staff support member Amber Lee running through puddles in South Florida

Social, Booking, & Clerical Support

Amber Lee

The First Lady of DIYT, Amber is fearless. When something needs help doing she shows no resistance in diving right in and helping things get done. She is currently a college student and full time day-jobber risking life and limb to help out with DIYT dirty work in her spare time. She also really enjoys roller derby and volunteering when she avoids sleep. Amber also really loves sleeping.


Victoria Vicary

Booking & Community Outreach Intern

Victoria Vicary

Ball of fire. If you can stop yourself from pumping her brakes and instead help her to look both ways before crossing the street, Victoria is a force. An unintentional entrepreneur in the pre-med program at the University of Florida, we scooped up Victoria from a mutual volunteer site where she was eagerly looking and listening for guidance with her musical endeavors including executing some of the biggest music events in town and writing and performing herself. You tell her to jump, she fistfights the obstacle.

DIYT staff member Manager Noah Hinrichsen playing drums

Manager, Marketing and Operations

Noah Hinrichsen

Let's start the list. Noah is a graduate from the prestigious music program at the University of Florida. He is a gigging musician, playing in multiple bands and currently pursuing his graduate degree in UF's Master of Science in Entrepreneurship at the Warrington College of Business. He has booked gigs for artists all across the country and does not say no to a challenge.

Noah is known among his peers and colleagues as one of the most dependable and knowledgeable independent musicians around. He is quick, he is smart, and he is making his mark in the industry through his work and drive to help people.

DIYT staff member Benjamin Ervin

Data Entry & Analysis Intern

Benjamin Ervin

Ben is one of the first team members to join the organization. A computer science undergrad, Ben files through contact after contact to help organize our multiple lists into directories digestible enough for customer consumption. This man has spent more time going through booking and promotion contacts from all over the country than most record labels. An asset to any organization when placed in the right role.


DIYT staff member Richard Lepre

Booking & Relations

Richard Lepre

Besides being one of the organization's original ultimate fanboys (one of the first customers, one of the first volunteers, one of the first interns, one of the first employees, and future first investors) Richard lives that life. He books multiple shows a month in his St Augustine stomping ground at various venues, has helped booked shows for multiple national tours, and works at major festivals like Bonnaroo and Electric Forest. He has also gone on the road as a tour manager and is, of course, a performer himself.