South Caroline by Bill Dwyer Band

South Caroline is the newest single from Bill Dwyer Band, and right from the first note he establishes that classic road tour anthem. Surely by the half minute mark my head was bobbing and I was imagining touring state to state with my closest buddies. I then started to reflect on good times we’ve had over the years. The best songs always drag out memories and emotions, and the powerful piano accompanied by the melodic guitar certainly gets the job done.

The lyrics tell a story of a man who is clearly searching for something, but what? Is Caroline a new start? Or is he in fact returning to an old flame? It’s left up the listener to interpret. Yet another sign of Bills overall connect-ability as the song can be enjoyed by multiple generations. The song structure is well placed and towards the end the band adds a light catchy whistle that I found myself repeating well after the song had ended. its safe to say ill be returning to this song as well as giving new singles a listen.

-Michael McTeigue

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