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DIYT – Do It Yourself Together™

Music Venues

Music venues interested in getting listed in our community you should sign up as a DIYT member. DIYT member music venues are seen as more preferable to work with since you're active in the community and not just another name on a list. Music venue members should be willing and able to address all inquiries while an active member. For example, even if a band may not be a good fit for your music venue or crowd, you should be able to point them in the right direction for your region, at the least. Maybe at most, you could drop a couple contacts for the artist. Over time, new music venues are naturally added to our directories through our internal process.

Do you want to learn more?

You can also learn more about how we help independent musicians by clicking the button to the right and looking over the rest of our site before signing up.

Music Blog

Are you a music blog interested in being featured in our blog? Contact us via email since this is best. Our music blog mission is to inform the independent music business community with essential information to keep you abreast of the most useful resources as they come up. DIYT is also interested in content swaps and full music blog post features. Don't be shy.

Artists & Musicians

All you artists, performers, and musicians interested in getting help with business decisions and gig opportunities beyond DIYT should contact our gig booking platform, Bandturo.

Record Labels & Booking Agents

Record labels and booking agents with inquiries should contact DIYT directly by email. Based on your inquiry, you will be put in contact with the appropriate person or department.

Music Promoters & Talent Buyers

Music promoters and talent buyers interested in becoming involved with the DIYT community should sign up and select the option for the "Booker/Venue/Promoter" category. If you are interested in being featured in our music blog please contact us via email.