How Often You Need To Practice Your Instrument Or Craft

This rant has been transcribed and poorly edited from the DIYT™ Eclipse Window music manager podcast.

So let's talk about how often you need to practice if you're a drummer, guitar player, vocalist. If you're a producer. Whatever, you need to practice. You know that.

Who Has The Time To Practice Your Instrument?

There's a belief in the world right now based on the old economy of the music industry, before it was independent, that you need to be the promoter of your band. We're definitely super against that even though we know we still have to do it a lot of times, and we're trying to build more promoters and more partners with bands, but you have to face that there's a certain amount of resources you could put into promoting or managing, and then put into your actual craft, whether it's writing or practicing how skilled you are on your instrument, or whatever it is.

So make the conscious decision to do it as often as you feel you should.

You might work full time job. You might work as a full time artist. Whenever you feel like you need to be practicing. For writing more, take the time to do that.

Finding The Time To Practice Your Instrument Or Craft

Take the time away from hanging out with your friends that is usually the same shit anyways, or the time that you would be watching entire series on Netflix from front to back. Do that. That's how often.

If you're not that good you might practice more. You might be shitty and not practice that much because you're so good at writing really nice songs or really catchy songs and you're composing beautiful things. But you need to practice as much as you feel if you want to get better at something.

You want to start a new instrument? Or you want to get better mixing? Take the time to practice and work on your craft because no one is gonna make you better.

If you take yourself seriously as either a semi-professional or professional artist.

Other *BONUS* Reasons To Practice

You're also gonna enjoy it way more than any of the other garbage you might have done in your time. So definitely go ahead and do that. This is your excuse. Your free reign to go ahead and make that practice time out.

Tell people "No I can't do that. I gotta practice." They're gonna like you more, respect you more. The social clout? You're going to get that back. "I would love to. No offense. I just got to work on this stuff" is gonna make you cooler. So if you're on this band thing because they make you cooler, it's also gonna bring your career to there.

And not that you have to be a super professional musician or performing artists or whatever it is you're doing--mixer, master, engineer--it's just the right thing for your craft as well as your own well being. So definitely put the work in if you feel the urge. Definitely get your free pass right here to go ahead and do that, and I grant you the permission.

Final Thoughts

If you need any help working on scheduling or anything like that you definitely can ask us.

Have a great time doing it. Really enjoy that time to yourself, or that time with your band, or that time with your brain trust that helps you decide what's good and what's bad. Take the time to do that. So that's the amount of time you should be taking. The time that's inside that you feel. Nothing at all spiritual about it, but just go ahead and go for it.

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