Why so inexpensive?

The music industry is broken and the old corporate way of life is breaking down. Bands now have to do several jobs just to play their music. Musicians shouldn't have to be in the beer selling business. Freelancers are busy honing their craft. It shouldn't be a daily grind to know where the most up to date resources and information is posted. The more we can help independent artists and freelancers focus less on business and more on their craft, the better the industry, art, and music can become.

Is It True It Took 1,946 hours To Compile, Organize, and Sort These Lists?

Yeah, something close to that. We've been heavily booking gigs and tours over the last year--adding new talent buyers, building online communities, and updating our contacts lists. We book every single day. We talk to talent buyers every single day. We are low-key trying to transform the indie music community. Everyone on our list of emails has been responsive within the last few months. This doesn't even count our continuing web development time.

How do you build your active booking network?

Similar to the "1,946 hours?" question, we simply eat, sleep, and breathe artist booking. Every day we are helping DIY artists book gigs and tours. Part of working hard for our customers involves keeping out contacts list current so that we are reaching the right inboxes of most talent buyers and bookers in the country.

As soon as we get a response from one of these bookers that they are no longer in the game, we make a point to filter them from our active contacts list as soon as possible. This is perhaps the lifeblood of DIYT--working every day and staying organizaed for the benefit of the independent music industry/community.

How do you recommend we start booking a tour?

Start with the email lists, and start with some anchor dates. Then fill it in. Don't forget to reach out to your own personal music network first.

Our sister site has a step-by-step process on how to book a tour.

Why monthly?

To make sure you're active. You can copy+paste our entire network as soon as you log in. In fact, we encourage it. We will continue to update with new venues and talent buyers every day, so you may want to check back if you let your membership lapse. But that's our greatest value: providing relevant, up-to-date databases. But the main reason the membership is monthly--and so cheap--is to keep our artist database up-to-date for other gig-seeking artists. It's cool if you have to go on a hiatus. Just come back when you're ready to keep the community great.

Side note: We are pretty okay at marketing, and we know that we could probably capture all 12 months of membership fees for a year from each member as soon as they sign up. But for us it is more important that the list of DIY music community memebers stays current to really help our community be the staple of the independent music community throughout the country. Sure we lose out on a lot of continuing membership fees, but we put prosperity over profits. It's simply what is best for the scene.

Are there any other requirements to joining the DIYT community?

Be sure to be responsive to any inquiries you receive from members of the DIYT network. You don't need to be involved in every gig that comes through your area (though that would be awesome if that would one day be possible...) but you should at least point these hungry artists in the right direction. Hiphop not your scene? Maybe you can drop a name for someone you've recently seen doing work in the hiphop community in your city. Be respectful, be helpful, and be professional.



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