DIY Tour Booking Access

Music venues pop up and shut down every day. As a result, DIY tour booking can be very difficult. The DIYT network is big, great, and up-to-date. Now, we are taking the power of information and putting it into your hands.

Since most artists don't have the time to keep up with this super transient independent music industry, we are offering network access for an easy price. Plus you're going to get some very powerful monthly perks to keep you moving forward. Don't give up. We have made DIY tour booking easier than ever.

We price our membership very affordably. You get music venues, talent buyers, and concert promoters that are looking for artists like you playing music like yours. Originally designed for DIY tour booking, now DIYT is useful for booking gigs in hundreds of markets all over the world.

Finally, get rewarded the longer you stay and help other members by unlocking a new Hack Of The Month perk every new calendar month. Perks include booking contacts for touring in Europe and Canada.

Image of DIYT United States map for DIY tour booking routes.

Buy Now

Try it out now. Get access to over 2,000 DIY tour booking contacts instantly for just $1.99/mo.

What you get

  • Over 2,000 active booking contacts to book paying gigs and tours
  • Listing on DIYT™ member network to book more shows
  • Extreme "Hack Of The Month" perk for every month you're a member (see below)

Hack of the Month

Sign up now to get access to our DIY tour booking network and get on the list to help other artists looking for gigs. Hang around every month and receive perks like our EU and Canada booking contacts, "How to" guides, and news outlet contacts list.

Here are the perks unlocked each month of your membership:

  • Instantly: 2,000+ Active Booking Contacts (Courtesy of Bandturo)
  • Month 2: US Press contacts list
  • Month 3: US Radio contacts list
  • Month 4: 2,000 Additional US Booking Contacts
  • Month 5: Canada National Booking Contacts List
  • Month 6: Europe Continental Booking Contacts List