DIYT - Who We Are

DIYT is an actual live group of human musicians, freelancers, students, managers, and booking agents. We tour, we gig, and we teach. We share resources and we tell stories. Do it yourself together.

New York

Music Venues

DIYT is exceptional because of our venue lists and directory. Our music venue list is the best because it is one of the biggest, it is constantly updated, and includes only the most responsive music venues and talent buyers. We can do this because our team is constantly booking gigs year round for multiple bands and acts that perform various genres and services. This means that every contact in DIYT's responsive booking contacts has been in contact with us very recently. As venues close we weed them out as soon as possible and replace them with a new venue, promoter, purchaser, manager, or talent buyer.

Music Blog

We offer some of the best information and data out there for independent musicians. For musicians and artist managers that may not yet need to become members we have started the DIYT Music Manager blog. This music blog is curated based on worldwide search data queries and the actual experiences of our staff as they book, promote, and perform their music. This is a music blog for all music blogs. In fact, we have a blog post about music blogs. We hope you can use it as a reference for your music business endeavors as a guide. The DIYT staff is always adding more so check back frequently. And we have recently begun introducing resources for all types of freelancers to best serve the gig economy.

Do It Yourself

The technology age is a DIY revolution. DIYT encourages you to Do It Yourself Together. Seek the help of each other. Don't let anyone tell you that getting help from anyone "isn't punk" or something stupid like that. DIYT is enabling musicians and freelancers all over the world to be their own booking agent, boss, and manager, and be better. With DIYT you could even start your own DIY booking agency or freelance company. There are more than enough venues, talent buyers, promoters and press & radio contacts to get you started. The DIYT members that benefit from this community the most use really great words like "insane" and "incredible" to describe the value we provide. And really, we're just getting started. Remember, every band has a booking agent. It just depends on if it's an alcoholic in a suit or a drummer with Zildjians doing the bookings. Freelancers like you trying to wade through the internet deciding which content is useful or up-to-date can find a home here.

Music blog - DIYT - Do It Yourself Together

After Hours

In our spare time, catch us touring ourselves or elsewhere on the internet reaching out to artists and freelancers putting together tours for their band and finding new clients to give them fresh contacts to add to their network. DIYT staff comes from diverse backgrounds and foregrounds. Some don't even play an instrument or have a college degree. But we all have a strong urge to go above and beyond for independent artists and freelancers so that's what we do.

Next Steps

We are here to help you land your most important early bookings for tour and clients for your portfolio without spending the start-up time scouring the internet. Let us join your band or company today. On the business team.